Stages Of Decomposition - "Skid Row Slasher"


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Stages Of Decomposition Unleashes "Skid Row Slasher" Ahead of "Raptures of Psychopathy" Album!

Prepare for a carnage-filled ride through the sinister streets of LA as Stages of Decomposition, the death grind mavens, bring you their diabolically brutal new single, "Skid Row Slasher." This gut-wrenching track offers a hair-raising sneak peek into their forthcoming album, "Raptures of Psychopathy," set to drop in February 2024 via Gore House Productions.
Watch the video for “Skid Row Slasher” via its worldwide premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE:
With their first single, the band dives headfirst into the chilling chronicles of the infamous Skid Row Slasher, painting a twisted picture of the psychotic underbelly of Los Angeles. They're here to make sure you know—LA's got some spine-tingling tales to tell!
Known for their relentless savagery on stage, Stages of Decomposition blend blistering blast beats, monstrous riffs, and guttural vocals into a gut-churning live experience that'll shake your bones. Their music isn’t just a performance—it’s a brutal, raw energy that grips you and refuses to let go.
The band's creative process involves jam sessions where they carve out their signature sound, marrying raw brutality with spine-chilling themes. Each track on "Raptures of Psychopathy" explores the dark realms of horror, delving into serial killers, eerie events, and the gory side of movies.
The album, will out February 2, 2024, is tailor-made for fans of Mortician, Dying Fetus, and Devourment—music that's not for the faint-hearted!
If you're ready to plunge into the blood-soaked abyss, digitally pre-save the single or secure your copy of the album:
Prepare for the gut-spilling feast with these tracks:
Drilling of the Cerebellum
What Lies Within
Beast of Jersey
Killing Under Possession
Murder by Proxy
Skid Row Slasher
Carve out the Eyes
Fetal Devourment
Crawl Space Burial
Human Extermination
Mass Psychosis
For those who aren’t afraid to bleed while headbanging, "Raptures of Psychopathy" is the real deal. Brace yourself for the onslaught of guitars, smashing drums, snarling vocals, and an intense horror vibe. This is where brutal meets brilliant. Dive into the chaos!