The Crotals - "CONJURE"


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Swiss Post-Sludge Wizards The Crotals Unleash "CONJURE": An Alchemical Musical Brew

The Crotals, Switzerland’s post-sludge aficionados, have summoned their third opus, "CONJURE" and it's hitting harder than a hammer on an anvil.
You can find this mystical concoction, their latest album, brewing on your favorite streaming platforms. And for those seeking the true elixir, it’s available for order via Bandcamp HERE:
Swinging between indie, sludge, and hard rock, The Crotals aren't just riding the rock and roll wave—they're carving their own sonic labyrinth. "CONJURE" isn’t just an album; it's an auditory quest through diverse experiments and converging soundscapes.
Imagine eleven musical paradoxes bundled into one—a fusion of doom/sludge melancholy intertwined with the razor-sharp edges of punk/hardcore. The band's pleasure? Shattering the clichés of the metal sound. The dual screamers add an enigmatic hue, amplified by a phalanx of metal, rock, and rap guests who contribute to erecting a formidable wall of heavy, aggressive, and gloomy tracks.
Dive into the Crotals' Alchemical Realm
For those fearless enough to embrace the alchemy of sound, The Crotals beckon you into their immersive auditory universe.
"CONJURE" may induce a craving for musical experimentation, an uncontrollable urge to headbang, and an intense desire to embark on a sonic odyssey.