Anubis - "Dark Paradise"

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Anubis Unleashes "Dark Paradise" - L.A.'s Metal Marvels Ready to Rock Your World!

Hey metalheads, get ready to have your minds melted and your souls rocked because ANUBIS is dropping "Dark Paradise" on February 23rd, 2024, and it's about to be the hottest thing in the metal scene! These guys from the City of Angels are teaming up with M-Theory Audio to give you a taste of thrash and power metal goodness.
Fronted by the mighty Devin Reiche, also known for slapping the bass with Bay Area thrashers Hatchet, ANUBIS is flipping the script and diving headfirst into power metal territory. Devin's vocals have leveled up, turning him into the kind of frontman dreams are made of.
Guitars are in the capable hands of Eleazar Llerenas (from Delusional Fate) and Justin Escamilla (representing Tower Guard), cooking up a sound that's like thrash metal and power metal had a love child. Add in the rhythm section featuring bassist Will Buckley and drummer Robin Salazar, both seasoned in the L.A. music trenches, and you've got a recipe for metal magic.
These guys have earned their stripes sharing the stage with legends like Raven, Rhapsody of Fire, and Hammerfall. Plus, they've left their mark on the Wacken Metal Battle US final – not too shabby for a crew carving their path in the metal jungle.
If you're curious (and you should be), ANUBIS is giving us a sneak peek of their sonic assault on YouTube.
"Dark Paradise" isn't just an album – it's a metal manifesto, a call to arms for all you headbangers out there. With every riff and every scream, ANUBIS is staking their claim in the metal kingdom. So, buckle up, metal fam; the dark paradise is coming for you!
In my humble metal opinion, ANUBIS's "Dark Paradise" isn't just music; it's a sonic adventure, a metal rollercoaster that's gonna leave you begging for more. So, get ready to crank up the volume and let ANUBIS take you to a dark paradise where the riffs are heavy, and the vibes are wild.