Final Cry - "The Beckoning Silence"


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Final Cry Unleashes 35th Anniversary Madness with 'The Beckoning Silence' Video

In a thunderous roar of melodic death and thrash metal mayhem, Final Cry, the indomitable veterans of the metal scene, celebrate a monumental 35 years of headbanging glory. With a discography that can rival a library and over 10,000 records crushed under the weight of their relentless riffage, these metal maestros are unleashing their first-ever music video, "The Beckoning Silence", from their latest brain-melting opus, "The Ever-Rest".
This video is not your grandma's afternoon tea slideshow; it's a cinematic journey through the dark, twisted corridors of Final Cry's musical labyrinth. With majestic and dramatic scenes that make Game of Thrones look like a kids' puppet show, the visuals perfectly encapsulate the raw power and emotion of "The Ever-Rest." And when we say "live footage", we mean it – captured in all its glory during their mind-bending show at B58 in Braunschweig, courtesy of the legendary Carsten Brand.
But the anniversary madness doesn't stop there. Final Cry is hitting the stage with the force of a thousand guitar solos, gracing festivals like Metal Frenzy, Wipfelbeben, and MUR. It's like they're on a mission to turn every headbanging hotspot into a melting pot of metal insanity. And hold on to your leather-studded jackets because on October 26th, the metal apocalypse lands in Hanover/Subkultur for the grand "Anniversary Fest," featuring special guests that will make your ears bleed with joy.
But wait, there's more! You can get your hands on Final Cry's face-melting records via MDD Records, Amazon, or wherever the digital metal heavens lead you. Check out the chaos at or clickety-clack your way to sonic bliss on Amazon at
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As a humble metal scribe, it's hard not to raise the horns in salute to Final Cry for an epic 35 years of conquering stages and melting faces. Here's to more decades of sonic destruction, ear-shattering solos, and headbanging that defies the laws of physics. Final Cry, you are the rulers of the metal realm! 🤘