Garden of Stone - "Tides of Decay"


Upcoming Release: on February 15th 2024

Garden of Stone Unleashes Melancholic Mayhem with Debut EP 'Tides of Decay' - Idol of Flesh Single Out Now!

Brace yourself, metal aficionados! Finnish maestros Garden of Stone are about to drop their debut EP, 'Tides of Decay,' and if their latest single 'Idol of Flesh' is any indicator, we're in for a headbanging treat!
This melancholic metal ensemble is weaving together brooding rock and heavy metal, delivering atmospheres so thick you could slice them with a chainsaw. Their latest release, 'Idol of Flesh', is a rollercoaster that straps you in and flings you through a metal-infused symphony.
Guitarist Ville Penkari describes the track as a Dizzying ride of emotions. It's like going from a heavyweight boxing match straight into a tender hug, only to be catapulted back into the fray. Brace yourself for headbanging riffs, brutal screams, and melodic interludes that'll yank at your heartstrings.
But wait, there's more! They've got an EP brewing, folks! 'Tides of Decay' is on its way, armed with tracks like 'Seeker of Salvation' and 'Hymn of a Dead Man Pt.2'. The lineup reads like a metal dream team: Jere Mäntysalo and Ville Penkari on guitars, Jesse Salo shredding vocal cords, Kalle Hänninen handling the low end on bass, and guest drummer Matias Rokio delivering percussive thunder.
So, why Garden of Stone? Picture a mix of haunting melodies that drag you into a dark abyss, riffs that melt your face off, and vocals that'll make your soul shiver—yeah, that's them.
As a fan, 'Idol of Flesh' is a tantalizing teaser of what's to come. The band's ability to fuse melodic introspection with unapologetic heaviness leaves a mark. It's a song that grabs you by the gut, shakes you up, and makes you fall in love with the dark beauty of metal all over again.
Garden of Stone's 'Idol of Flesh' is a rollercoaster ride through the spectrum of metal emotions. Their ability to seamlessly blend brutality with melody is impressive, promising a multifaceted experience in 'Tides of Decay.' 'Idol of Flesh' teases with aggressive riffs and guttural vocals, juxtaposed against moments of melodic respite—a duality that showcases the band's depth. This single sets high expectations for the EP, hinting at a sonic journey that balances darkness with catharsis. Garden of Stone has carved a niche with their brand of melancholic metal, and 'Idol of Flesh' is a compelling introduction to their world.