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Geishas of Doom Unleash 'Sick Music for Sick(er) People' – A Punk Odyssey of Madness!

Get ready to dive headfirst into the sonic asylum with Geishas of Doom as they drop their latest lo-fi punk rock masterpieces, "Sick Music for Sick(er) People Volume 1 & 2." Limited edition? Check. Compact discs? Check. Sick tunes for the sickest souls? Double-check! With only 50 pro CDs available, this is your golden ticket to a punkadelic journey into madness.
These Dutch miscreants have crafted a musical concoction that's as infectious as it is insane. Fans of Prosthetic Bung, The Butthole Surfers, The Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Mucho Mungo, The Kronk Men – listen up! Geishas of Doom are here to warp your eardrums and redefine your punk rock expectations.
The artwork for this sonic mayhem is courtesy of the legendary Shane Horror, and trust us, it's as wild and twisted as the music itself. These CDs are not just discs; they're pieces of art encased in a jewel case – because when you're delivering music this sick, you need a presentation to match.
Volume 1 features the trio of Jeroen Ligter, Jan Petit, and Pieter Holkenborg, creating chaos on drums, guitar, bass, and vocals. Recorded in Arnhem on January 30, 2021, and mixed by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt at Galloway Recording Studio, Nijmegen – it's a time capsule of punk insanity.
Volume 2 takes it up a notch with Ligter, Petit, Holkenborg, and the addition of Rense Slings. This time they hit the studio in Arnhem on November 20, 2021, and let the madness loose once again, mixed and mastered by van Bijlevelt.
Want a taste of the madness? Check out "Nowhere" from Vol.1 at and brace yourself for the anarchy of "Police State" from Vol.2 at
Geishas of Doom are not just a band; they're a wild ride into the heart of punk chaos. The drums hit like a punch to the face, the guitars scream rebellion, and the vocals howl with a raw intensity that's pure punk essence. If you're looking to inject your playlist with a dose of madness, these sick volumes are your prescription. Don't resist the urge to get infected; embrace the chaos, and let Geishas of Doom be your punk therapists. 🤘