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LAST BREED's "Devil To Pay": Dominating Rock Realms Since July 28th, 2023

Last Breed blasted onto the rock scene last year with their scorching debut album, "Devil To Pay", dropping on July 28th, 2023. And let me tell you, the impact? It's been nothing short of seismic!
These rock warriors have been channeling the spirits of 70s legends Thin Lizzy and UFO, sprinkling in the potent essence of 80s NWOBHM heroes Riot and Saxon. The result? An album that's been kicking up a storm across rock realms, leaving a trail of melted faces and sore necks in its wake.
"Devil To Pay" wasn't just an album; it was a musical pilgrimage spanning continents. Drums took a detour to Budapest's Orange Termek Studio, thanks to the wizardry of Jànny Dominik. The rest of the album? Crafted, mixed, and mastered to perfection at Dirty Viking Audio and Tower Studios by a league of sonic maestros.
But what about the aftermath of this rock tsunami? Last Breed's live shows have been nothing short of legendary, sending audiences into a frenzy with their raw energy and precision. And as for the band's trajectory since the album's release? They've been carving their mark deeper into the rock landscape, solidifying their spot as the new vanguard of hard/heavy rock n roll.
Missed the rock fiesta? No worries! Relive the madness with the video that started it all: Last Breed - 'Devil To Pay'
Last Breed are:
Robert Ballinger Jr (Power Theory) - lead and rhythm guitar
Caesar "Czar" Ettore (Season of Mourning) - lead vocals
Alan D'Angelo (Power Theory, Everdawn) - bass
Anthony Stahl (Silent Assassins, Dead Risen) - keyboards
London Fowler - lead and rhythm guitar
Màrton Veress (Armageddon, Orgy, Davey Suicide) - drums (studio)
Dan Prestup (Everdawn, Dead Risen, Spyder Rockets) - drums (live)
Last Breed's "Devil To Pay" isn't just an album; it's a testament to rock's enduring legacy and the band's unyielding dedication to keeping the fire of rock burning bright!
"Devil To Pay" remains a roaring testament to Last Breed's mastery of rock's golden eras. Since its release, the album has been a driving force, shaking up the rock scene and marking Last Breed as torchbearers of classic rock reinvented. Their live shows are nothing short of electrifying, and the album's impact continues to resonate, proving that the rock gods have indeed smiled upon Last Breed!