Nekrodawn - "ORIGIN OF TERROR"


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Metalheads, brace yourselves for a Swedish onslaught that’s tearing through the scene like a berserker on a rampage. Nekrodawn, the latest death metal powerhouse, dropped their debut single, "Origin Of Terror", on January 5th, 2024, and it's been wreaking havoc ever since.

Comprising three seasoned metal veterans, Nekrodawn is not your average band; it's a sonic force to be reckoned with. Jonas Kjellgren, the brain behind Ironmaster and a metal virtuoso in Centinex, Carnal Forge, and Scar Symmetry, takes the reins on vocals and guitar. Johan Jansson, the bass and backing vocals maestro from Interment and Moondark, adds to the mayhem. And let's not forget Henrik Axelsson, the drum wizard from Hypocrisy, The Crown, and Imploded, who brings the thunder and lightning.
In a scene already bursting at the seams, Kjellgren adds a touch of humor, stating, "When you thought the death metal scene was over-saturated with bands, BOOM; here comes another Swedish band...haha. We try to have our original sound/style but without losing the true spirit of death metal, which is the most important thing". Well, Jonas, consider us boomed and ready for the brutality!
"Origin Of Terror" is not just a song; it's a war cry for fans of Entombed, Bolt Thrower, Crypt Of Kerberos, and Demilich. Nekrodawn brings a unique blend of sludgy, thrashy, and old-school brutality that'll have you headbanging like there's no tomorrow.
Now, where do you follow these Swedish reapers of death? Hit them up on Facebook for a glimpse into their metal lair. Want some visual brutality? Head over to their YouTube channel. And for those who like their metal filtered through a dark lens, catch them on Instagram.
So, metalheads, if you haven't already cranked up "Origin Of Terror", what are you waiting for? It's time to embrace the chaos, Swedish style.
Nekrodawn's "Origin Of Terror" is a blistering testament to the resilience of death metal. These veterans have proven that the old-school spirit is very much alive, and I’m eagerly anticipating the havoc they'll unleash next.