PALOOKA - "Save Yourself"


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PALOOKA Unleashes Heavy-Hitting Rock with "Save Yourself" - A Fistful of Riffs and Resilience!

Seattle's musical landscape just got a sonic earthquake, and it's coming straight outta PALOOKA's hands—big, thick, two-guitar rock that hits harder than a grunge-era caffeine overdose. Chuck Campbell's vocals are a powerhouse, belting out melodies with the force of a hurricane.
The guitar duo, Chris Quinn and Glen Logan, don't just play; they brawl with their instruments, trading punches that hit like a freight train at full throttle. Backed by the relentless Howard Binner on bass and the percussive beast, Jason Reavis on drums, PALOOKA is a force to reckon with.
Their forthcoming EP, "Save Yourself", is the sonic elixir you didn't know you needed. The title track, a sneak peek into their forthcoming rock revelation, speaks volumes. It's an anthem for those moments when you realize the cavalry's not coming—you've got to navigate the chaos solo.
PALOOKA's not just your run-of-the-mill rockers. They're musical shape-shifters, drawing from a melting pot of influences—metal, blues, '70s rock, grunge, alternative, and then some. It's like they threw a musical potluck and invited everyone to the headbanging buffet.
Crafted during the pandemic's isolation, "Save Yourself" isn't just about banging heads; it's a reflection of personal struggles and collaborative triumphs. The song lineup wasn't chosen; it emerged organically, as if the riffs and rhythms had a mind of their own.
And when they hit the stage? Buckle up. PALOOKA's live energy is like a controlled explosion—raw, unapologetic, and leaving you craving for more. Their music is a rollercoaster ride through anthemic twists and turns, a sonic thrill for anyone who loves the raw power of classic rock.
Recommended for fans of Cheap Trick, Alice in Chains, and AC/DC, PALOOKA isn't just a band; they're a musical ride you don't want to miss. Keep an eye out for the EP release date—it's coming, and it's coming in hot!
PALOOKA's "Save Yourself" promises a heavy dose of rock 'n' roll that hits hard and doesn't let up. Their ability to blend diverse influences into a potent sonic cocktail is a testament to their musical prowess. The title track, a bold anthem for personal empowerment, resonates deeply. This EP feels like a cathartic journey through the struggles of isolation, all wrapped up in a sonic explosion that's both familiar and refreshingly new. PALOOKA's dynamic sound and infectious energy make them a standout act in today's rock scene. With "Save Yourself," they've cemented their place as purveyors of powerful, unapologetic rock that leaves a lasting impact.