Retched - "The Overlord Messiah"


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Retching in the Desert: David Der Minasian Unleashes 'The Overlord Messiah' EP!

Release Date: Jan 18, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

In the blistering heat of the Mojave Desert, where the sand burns and the riffs scorch, emerges the solo titan David DerMinasian, the maestro behind Retched. Brace yourself, metal minions, for 'The Overlord Messiah' EP is about to hit like a sonic sandstorm!
David DerMinasian isn't your average metalhead; he's a one-man metal army stationed in the heart of Southern California's Mojave Desert. Armed with guitars, bass, drums, and a vocal range that can shatter glass, DerMinasian is a true metal virtuoso. His analog hybrid system and commitment to real instruments make him a rarity in today's digital-dominated metal landscape.
Breaking free from the desert winds, DerMinasian announces a thirteen-track thrash metal assault under the banner of Sliptrick Records. This auditory blitzkrieg will reach the far corners of the globe – Japan, the Netherlands, Europe, North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand. Get ready for a sonic invasion in 2024!
For fans of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Black Sabbath, RETCHED is a revelation. DerMinasian's old school thrash metal style pays homage to the genre's forefathers while adding his unique desert-flavored twist. If you crave raw, unfiltered metal, this EP is your ticket to headbanging nirvana.
As a tasty appetizer, RETCHED gifts us with a re-release of 'The Overlord Messiah' EP. Brace your eardrums and dive into the thrashing madness. This isn't just metal; it's a desert storm of riffs, solos, and unrelenting energy.
As a metal nomad wandering through the vast desert of new releases, RETCHED's 'The Overlord Messiah' EP is an oasis of pure thrash joy. DerMinasian's dedication to real instruments and old school vibes is a breath of fresh desert air in the metal scene. The global thrash invasion in 2024 is something every metalhead should eagerly anticipate. RETCHED is a force to be reckoned with, and this EP is just the beginning of what promises to be an epic metal saga. Time to crank it up and let the desert winds carry us into thrash Valhalla! 🤘