Serenity Broken - "Who We Are"


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Serenity Broken Drops Metal Thunder with "Who We Are" – Greek Rock Rebels Kickin' It!

Alright, metal maniacs, get ready to have your eardrums rocked by the Greek powerhouse – Serenity Broken! These badasses of Alternative Metal and Hard Rock just threw down their latest jam, "Who We Are", and let me tell you, it's not just a song; it's a freaking rebellion in musical form!
In case you've been living under a rock, Serenity Broken crashed onto the scene back in 2010 and has been tearing it up ever since. Their debut album, "Commercial Suicide", hit the streets in 2012, turning heads and even landing them on Greek TV. Yeah, these guys are no strangers to making a racket.
Fast forward to 2017, and bam! They drop "RE/Define", their second full-length masterpiece, featuring George Kollias of Nile on the drums and Ahti Kortelainen's magic touch in the studio. Metalheads around the world were headbanging in unison – it was that good.
Now, after surviving the pandemic craziness, Serenity Broken is back on the scene with "Who We Are", a single that kicks off a 3-track series that promises to be a wild ride. The band's energy and dedication to their craft are in every riff, beat, and scream.
And have you seen the video for this beast? Directed, shot, and edited by John Tsiakopoulos, it's a visual trip that perfectly captures the rebellious vibe of "Who We Are". Shoutout to Vasilis Nanos for delivering a drumming beatdown that'll leave you in awe.
But hold on, there's more! They're teasing a second part of this sonic adventure, ready to hit us like a metal hurricane. Brace for impact, people!
For those hungry for more Serenity Broken madness, check out their digs on their website or dive into the musical mayhem on Bandcamp. Join the rebellion on Facebook and witness the sonic chaos on YouTube.
In a world ruled by metal, Serenity Broken is here to remind us all "Who We Are" in the face of musical conformity. The rebellion lives on! 🤘