Tropic Santos - "Caccia Grossa"


Upcoming Release:

Tropic Santos Set to Unleash Psychedelic Fury with "Caccia Grossa" Album

Italy's Tribal Psych-Stoner Wizards Ready to Conjure Their Sonic Jungle
Milan's musical underbelly has spawned a new force to reckon with: Tropic Santos. This instrumental trio, forged from the fiery cores of various underground bands, is set to drop their latest mind-altering opus, "Caccia Grossa," on January 19, 2024, via Argonauta Records.
Consisting of Marco from Veracrash, Giulio, the post-hardcore drumming maestro from SMNTCS, and Luca, the bass groove guru of Huge Molasses Tank Explodes, Tropic Santos is no mere band; they're sonic shamans.
Their sonic concoction is a mesmerizing blend of tribal rhythms and expansive textures that'll have you wandering through a psychedelic jungle without leaving your couch. And here's the kicker: They do it all without uttering a single word!
Emerging from the post-Covid19 haze in 2022, Tropic Santos took the stage by storm, crafting an otherworldly experience that leaves audiences spellbound.
But wait, it gets heavier. Teaming up with producer Luca Ciffo of Traum and Fuzz Orchestra fame, they conjured a raw, unfiltered sonic ritual, recorded live in December. This six-track, 33-minute odyssey, "Caccia Grossa", promises to ensnare listeners in Tropic Santos' sonic wilderness.
The visual counterpart to this auditory expedition? Enter Zero Deluxe, the artistic conjurer behind the album's mesmerizing artwork.
Having inked a pact with Argonauta Records in July 2023, the anticipation for "Caccia Grossa" has reached fever pitch.
Tropic Santos comprises Marco De Salvo on guitars, Giulio Tiberi on drums, and Luca Umidi on bass. Individually formidable, collectively unstoppable.
Prepare to embark on an audiovisual journey unlike any other. Follow their tribal calls on Facebook and Instagram to join the expedition.
But hey, this isn't just news; it's an invitation. Will you join Tropic Santos on their quest through uncharted auditory realms? With "Caccia Grossa", they're not just releasing an album; they're unleashing a musical Big Game.
So, mark your calendars for January 19, 2024. The jungle awaits.
Now, if I were to share my thoughts on this upcoming release, I'd say Tropic Santos seems poised to disrupt the stoner rock scene in an epic way. Their blend of influences, the mystique of their instrumental storytelling, and the sheer energy they bring on stage hint at an album that might just redefine psychedelic stoner rock as we know it. The live recording aspect is intriguing; it might capture the raw essence that studio albums sometimes miss. Plus, teaming up with an artist like Zero Deluxe for visuals? That's a surefire sign that they're aiming to stimulate not just your ears but your entire psyche. So, count me in for this sonic safari through "Caccia Grossa" – I'm packing my musical backpack already!