4BanneD - Night of Sacrifice


Upcoming Release:

Brace yourselves, metal warriors, as the sonic onslaught of 4BanneD is about to unleash hell upon your eardrums! The Brazilian Death Thrash Metal juggernaut is gearing up for the release of their debut album, "Sanatorium", and they've just unveiled the infernal "Night of Sacrifice" Lyric Video to tease your auditory senses.
Dive into the molten abyss of metal mayhem by watching the Lyric Video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OS3PS3VayQs
Scheduled to drop on March 3, 2024, via the mighty Wormholedeath, "Sanatorium" promises a lethal concoction of unbridled power and unrelenting energy. Crafted under the watchful eyes of maestro Rafael Augusto Lopes at the renowned Casanegra studio in São Paulo, Brazil, the album boasts the masterful guitar solos of Andre Zaza Hernandes (Angra, Andre Matos, Capella).
Connect with the relentless force that is 4BanneD on their social battlegrounds:
Official Lair: www.4banned.com
Instagram Battlefield: www.instagram.com/4banned
Conquest Channel: www.youtube.com/@4banned
The Lyric Video, a visual masterpiece, was conjured by the mystical wizards at Volume Agency. Witness the unholy marriage of sound and visuals, setting the stage for the impending ritual on March 3, 2024.
Mark your calendars, metalheads, for "Sanatorium" is poised to claim your senses, ravaging them with each merciless riff. 4BanneD has arrived to conquer, and resistance is futile. Get ready for a musical maelstrom of epic proportions! 🤘🔥
As a metal enthusiast, I can already feel the adrenaline coursing through my veins at the mere thought of "Sanatorium". The combination of 4BanneD's ferocious energy and Andre Zaza Hernandes' guitar sorcery promises a metal experience that transcends the ordinary. March 3, 2024, can't come soon enough – prepare to be baptized in the molten steel of 4BanneD! 🤘💀