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Black Sonic Pearls Unleash Sonic Mayhem with Debut Album "Sonixomnia"

In a world where musical galaxies collide, Black Sonic Pearls have emerged as the meteor shower we didn't know we needed. The International Alternative/Modern Rock band has just dropped their debut album, aptly named "Sonixomnia," and it's not just an album; it's a damn awakening.
Recorded in the legendary "Brauersound Studios" and sprinkled with the magic touch of Grammy-winning producer Michael H. Brauer, "Sonixomnia" is a sonic journey that'll have your eardrums doing the mosh pit.
These sonic architects, formed in the metal cauldron of 2020, are led by the maestro himself, Alex Blacksonic on guitar, Arseniy Borodin belting out vocals, Sergey Polyanskiy riffing on the guitar, and Mikhael Kiriyushchenko on the drums – it's a lineup that's more explosive than a guitar solo on fire.
Drawing inspiration from the grunge vibes of '90s Seattle to the headbanging madness of Alternative Metal in the 00s and beyond, Black Sonic Pearls are the mad scientists blending genres like it's a metal smoothie.
But it's not just about studio magic. These guys have been tearing up stages at the biggest metal festivals like "Masters Of Rock," "Rock Castle," "Metalheads Meeting," "Midalidare Rock," and even the "Dubai Metal Fest." And get this, they've shared the stage with legends ranging from "Judas Priest" to "Pantera" – it's a metalhead's dream lineup.
And if that's not enough to make your head spin, in March 2024, Black Sonic Pearls are hitching a ride with none other than "SLASH" on his Asian leg of "The River Is Rising" tour. Yeah, you read that right. It's like the metal gods themselves are high-fiving these guys.
Now, grab your metal detector and dig into these tracks:
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In my humble metalhead opinion, "Sonixomnia" isn't just an album; it's a declaration of a new era in the sonic realm. Black Sonic Pearls have landed, and they're here to kick your musical senses into overdrive. 
So, strap in, turn it up, and let the sonic mayhem begin! 🤘