Bloodride - "Idiocracy"

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Bloodride: Finnish Thrash Titans Unleash Studio Mayhem and Set Touring Fury Ablaze!

Prepare for a thrash metal storm as Finland's own BLOODRIDE, the unyielding force of metal mayhem, brews a tempestuous fifth album in their sonic cauldron. With a raw energy that could rival a berserker's battle cry, these thrash legends are ready to redefine the very essence of metal, promising an auditory assault that will have you headbanging like there's no tomorrow.
In their Helsinki dungeon, January saw the birth of thunderous drums, bone-rattling bass, and the slicing edge of rhythm guitars. As the saga unfolds, an unexpected twist – the call of the stage! BLOODRIDE, sweat-soaked and noise-laden, marches forth, ready to deliver thrash rituals to the faithful.
Upcoming Gigs – Unleash the Fury:
2.5.24: Depo, Riga, LV – The onslaught begins!
3.5.24: Barbar, Tallinn, EST – Witness the fervor!
4.5.24: Fontaine Palace, Liepaja, LV – The tempest rages on!
7.6.24: Playhouse Bar, Helsinki, FI – Homeground havoc!
8.6.24: Bar Nirvana, Turku, FI – The final assault!
Get ready for a relentless barrage of thrash mastery, leaving cities in euphoric destruction. This isn't just a series of concerts; it's a declaration of the indomitable spirit of thrash metal, embodied by BLOODRIDE.
Dive into the Fury – Latest Music Videos:
'Cast Out From Idiocracy':
'Planet Alcatraz':
'Horror Has a New Prey':
As a self-proclaimed metalhead, witnessing BLOODRIDE's ferocity in the studio and knowing they're about to unleash it live is nothing short of exhilarating. The raw power, the intricate riffs, and the sheer energy they bring to every stage – it's a metalhead's dream come true. BLOODRIDE isn't just a band; they're a force of nature, and this upcoming album and tour are bound to be legendary.
Formed in 2000, BLOODRIDE has been a relentless force in the Finnish thrash metal scene. Their journey, marked by albums like "Idiocracy" and "Planet Alcatraz," showcases a fusion of old-school thrash, death metal elements, and the raw edge of hardcore. With a lineup boasting Jykä Leskinen on vocals, Esa Pennala on bass, Simo Partanen and Teemu Vähäkangas on guitars, and Petteri Lammassaari on drums, BLOODRIDE consistently delivers electrifying live performances.
Get ready, metalheads. BLOODRIDE is on the horizon, and they're bringing the storm. If you're craving an unfiltered dose of thrash mayhem, this is your ticket. This album and tour combo is shaping up to be a metalhead's nirvana. Stay tuned, headbangers – the storm is coming! \m/