Bottenhavet - "Ljud i tysta rum"


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Bottenhavet Unleashes a Blizzard of Swedish Stoner Rock – Prepare for the Fuzzorama Frenzy!

Get ready to ride the stoner rock wave straight out of the icy depths of Sweden because BOTTENHAVET is here to kick in your speakers and leave your eardrums in a state of blissful frenzy. Fuzzorama Records, in an act of sonic prophecy, signed these Swedish rock maestros after just 30 seconds of their demo song. Yeah, they're that good!
Swedish lyrics woven into stoner rock magic, forged in the snow-laden landscapes of Stockholm. The band's name, translating to 'The Bothnian Sea,' gives you a hint of the icy storm that's about to hit your auditory senses. Fuzzorama Records, the connoisseurs of fuzz, knew they had struck gold.
Before even dropping an album, BOTTENHAVET has gigs lined up in the frozen territories of Sweden, Finland, and Poland. Now, that's what we call making an entrance – no album yet, but they're already conquering stages. Listen to them, and you'll get why!
Their debut album, titled 'Ljud i tysta rum' (translated to 'Sound in Silent Rooms'), is a sonic odyssey expertly mixed and mastered by the acclaimed Robert Pehrsson at Studio Humbucker. Fuzzorama Records, known for their ties with fuzz rock titans Truckfighters, is set to release this beast on April 12th, 2024.
So, what can you expect from 'Ljud i tysta rum'? It's not just stoner rock; it's a journey through the diverse landscapes of 70s hard rock, sprinkled with stoner vibes, prog twists, and grunge influences. BOTTENHAVET isn't just riding the wave; they're creating it.
Here's a sneak peek into the tracklisting blizzard:
Talar miljon
Braenn Broar
Fraagor Utan Svar
I Skuggan
Hennes Liv
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BOTTENHAVET is about to unleash a blizzard of stoner rock madness. Brace yourselves for the fuzz-infused storm coming your way on April 12th. "Ljud i tysta rum" isn't just an album; it's a journey through the frozen landscapes of Swedish rock, and you don't want to miss the ride. See you in the mosh pit!