Cigar Box Band - Don't Belong


Upcoming Release: Released on 16 February 2024

Cigar Box Band: Shaking Up the Metal Scene with Shovel-Powered Blues

Hey there music lovers! If you're itching for a wild ride through a mashup of Seasick Steve's bluesy vibes, ZZ Top's gritty rock, and Led Zeppelin's timeless tunes, then buckle up because Cigar Box Band is about to blow your mind. Hailing from Brazil, these rock rebels have been making waves in the metal world since 2021, and trust us, they're not your usual smoke-and-mirrors show.

A bunch of cool cats armed with cigar box guitars, and yeah, one of them is even made from a shovel. Crazy, right? Forget the norm; Cigar Box Band is all about smashing boundaries and giving you a blues experience like no other.
Leading this musical riot is the one and only Germano Renan, serving up vocals that are pure fire. His voice, a soulful force of nature, will have you feeling a deep connection to the music – like you're in on some secret musical rendezvous.

Now, let's talk Fred Chamone, the wizard behind those cigar box guitars. He's wielding instruments that are as unconventional as they are electrifying. Ever thought you'd hear a shovel belt out the blues? Well, welcome to the genius world of Cigar Box Band.
Backing up this dynamic duo is the rhythmic powerhouse, Paulo Espinha, on drums, making sure every beat hits you right in the feels. And with Eduardo Sanna on harmonica and Luciano Porto on bass, these guys complete a musical family tighter than your grandma's hugs.
What makes Cigar Box Band stand out? It's their kitchen-sink approach to genres. They're blending delta blues, alternative rock, Brazilian country beats, and throwing in regional Brazilian styles like baião, creating a sound that's a wild mix of tradition and rebellion.
As you dive into their tunes, you'll catch the heartbeat of the Mississippi Delta, the chill vibes of Brazilian country, and the rebellious spirit of good ol' rock 'n' roll pumping through your veins. It's a musical journey that kicks conformity to the curb and smashes expectations.
In a world where everyone's playing by the rules, Cigar Box Band is your beacon of unapologetic cool. They've taken the blues, flipped it on its head, and brewed up an auditory experience that's as unconventional as it is addictive.

So, whether you're a seasoned metalhead or just testing the bluesy waters, Cigar Box Band invites you to jump into their sonic rebellion. Grab an imaginary shovel, light up a metaphorical cigar, and let this bluesy whirlwind take you on a trip like no other.
Yo fellow metalheads, stumbling upon Cigar Box Band was like finding a backstage pass to the coolest gig in town. Their mix of blues and rock, plus the shovel guitar magic, is next-level awesome. Every note is like a rebel yell, and Germano Renan's vocals are the anthem of the metal wilderness. Cigar Box Band isn't just a band; they're the leaders of a sonic revolution. So, horns up, my friends – let's dive into this bluesy rebellion! 🤘