EXTINCT - "Incitement Of Violence"


Upcoming Release:

"EXTINCT Unleashes Thrash Apocalypse with 'Incitement Of Violence' – Mosh Pits, Get Ready!"

Hold onto your battle vests, metalheads, because Northern German thrash maestros EXTINCT are dropping a sonic bomb – "Incitement Of Violence" – on April 18th via MDD Records. Twelve tracks of pure, unfiltered old-school thrash metal are about to hit you like a freight train, and it's gonna be glorious.
Crafted by the artistic hands of Nicolas Oliveros, the album cover is your sneak peek into the chaos that awaits. Brace yourselves; it's gonna be one wild ride.
But that's not all – in true thrash fashion, EXTINCT is hitting the road for the Mosh Im Mai Warmup Party Tour. It's like a metal pilgrimage through five Northern German cities, and you won't want to miss the insanity:
24.Feb, Itzehoe, Lauschbar
09.Mar, Kiel, Schaubude
12.Apr, Bad Oldesloe, Inihaus
13.Apr, Osnabrück, Westwerk

And guess what? You can secure your copy of thrash history by preordering the album through MDD Records and AMAZON. Here are the links to claim your ticket to the mosh pit:
Stay in the thrash loop by following EXTINCT on their social media battlegrounds:
Metalheads, get ready to unleash the thrashocalypse with EXTINCT. It's time to dust off those moshing shoes and prepare for a headbanging journey like no other.
"Incitement Of Violence" by EXTINCT is a thrash manifesto that takes you back to the glory days of headbanging. EXTINCT is about to incite a violence of epic proportions, and I'm ready to dive headfirst into the chaos! 🤘