Everything Decays - "The Legacy: Transcended My Mortal Coil"


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Everything Decays Unleashes 'The Legacy: Transcended My Mortal Coil': Blackened Hardcore Madness! 🤘

Hold onto your eardrums, metalheads! This Thursday, February 8, 2024, marks the unleashing of Everything Decays' latest single, 'The Legacy: Transcended My Mortal Coil', hitting all streaming platforms like a sonic hurricane. And yes, they've got a face-melting music video to accompany it. Get ready for an extreme blackened hardcore experience straight out of the Netherlands.
Recorded by the legendary Roelof Klop (known for cooking up sonic storms with Torn From Oblivion, Changing Tides, and more) and mastered by the Grammy Award-winning Nacho Molino, this single promises to be a relentless auditory assault. The music video, shot by Thijs Boetselaars in Dongen, is set to add a visual layer to the madness.
'The Legacy' isn't just another track; it's the final piece of Everything Decays' upcoming EP, 'The Requiem I: The Serial Killer’s Symphony of Liberation, Deliverance, and Relief'. Brace yourselves for a concept that delves into the twisted vision of a serial killer, shaping her legacy by turning victims into an example for the masses.
Now, a little background check on Everything Decays – they're a four-piece powerhouse from Eindhoven, featuring (ex-)members of Sisters of Suffocation, Cyanide Paradise, Baksteen, Cold Grip, Ragepyre, and Alternator. Their music? A melting pot of hardcore, metal, and deathcore, heavily influenced by the likes of End, Slayer, and Knocked Loose. Expect a night with Everything Decays to be a steamy, fast-paced noise fest.
If you missed their first single, "March of the Mindless Sheep", released in October 2022, you better catch up. Produced by Roelof Klop and mastered by the wizard Will Putney (Gojira, END, Fit For an Autopsy, Knocked Loose), it's a precursor to the lyrical madness that Everything Decays delivers.
Linn Liv: Lead Vocals
Marvin van Bergen: Drums
Janoes van Hout: Guitar
Stijn de Wijs: Bass
In conclusion, 'The Legacy: Transcended My Mortal Coil' isn't just a song; it's a declaration of sonic warfare. Follow Everything Decays on this wild ride and prepare for an EP that promises to be nothing short of apocalyptic. Stay brutal, metal warriors!