Inner Torture - Stain


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Inner Torture: Thrash Resilience, Lineup Twists, and a Dash of Okko Magic!

In the realm of thrash, where riffs are sharper than a Viking's axe, Inner Torture emerges as a sonic force, forged in the fires of adversity. Hailing from 2012, this band has faced more lineup changes than a metalhead has black band t-shirts.
Originally, it was Cédric on the drum artillery, Alex and David wielding guitar blades, Jean François holding down the low-end fort on bass, and Laurence "Okko" leading the vocal charge. But hold on to your battle jackets, folks, because Inner Torture's journey takes more twists than a mosh pit cyclone.
In 2016, Alex left, hitting them harder than a double-kick drum, but fear not – reinforcements arrived. Enter Fabrice "Evilfrimost" on bass and Nico on vocals, injecting the band with the experience and grit needed to weather the storm for a few more years.
2018 marked a triumphant moment as Inner Torture kicked off the first Graveyard Festival, proving they could rise from the ashes like a metal phoenix. However, as every metal saga goes, 2019 brought another plot twist – Nico's departure to devote 100% to his other project, Schrapnel.
Now, enter Okko, the prodigal vocalist, returning almost by accident in June. Talk about a plot twist! She not only reintroduces herself but brings a new dimension to the band, hitting the turbo boost button. Fast forward a year, and bam! Their debut EP, "STAIN", is in the oven, set to rock eardrums come September 2020.
Inner Torture cooks up a sonic stew that's as diverse as a metalhead's playlist, blending thrash, death, black, hardcore, and a sprinkle of classical vibes. It's a musical cauldron, cooking up compositions with atmospheres that would make Hades himself nod in approval, all while keeping a thrash backbone that's sturdier than Lemmy's whiskey glass.
Now that the lineup rollercoaster has settled, Inner Torture is ready to unleash their energy upon the masses. Hold on to your horns, folks, because this thrash ride is about to get wild!
Inner Torture's saga is like a metal soap opera – lineup twists, triumphant returns. "STAIN" is not just an EP; it's a declaration that Inner Torture is back, stronger than ever, and ready to conquer. Their ability to blend genres showcases a musical diversity that's as refreshing as a cold beer in a sweaty mosh pit. Inner Torture is about to turn up the volume and break the knob! 🤘