Metro Society - "London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898"


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Metro Society Dives into Victorian Noir with "London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898"

Hold on to your top hats, metal enthusiasts, because Metro Society is about to take you on a sonic journey through the shadowy streets of Victorian London with their upcoming album "The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898." Scheduled for a March 1, 2024 release under their own label, Metro Society Records, this album is more than a musical endeavor; it's a plunge into the murkiness of intrigue, betrayal, and murder.
Formed from the musical brotherhood of Chris Mangold and Ian Ringler, Metro Society isn't your typical prog-metal outfit. Their latest single, "Pieces of the Past," an almost 10-minute epic, is like a dark opera that unfolds tales of deception and secret societies. The band spills the beans on the making of this behemoth:
"When George asked what type of vocals we were looking for over the breakdown section, we said 'Something along the lines of Queen with some Roger Taylor-style layered backing harmonies.' George replied, 'Queen is one of my favorite bands!'"
Strange? Maybe. But when you're diving into the abyss of the Ripper's London, oddity is your best companion. The song weaves through heavy gruff styles, breakdowns with layered vocals, and a musical atmosphere that's as mysterious as a foggy night on the cobbled streets.
Check out the premiere of the lyric video for "Pieces of the Past" on Sonic Perspectives HERE:
Now, for those uninitiated into the Metro Society saga, this album is not your typical Dream Theater rendezvous. It's a unique concoction, blending dark Fates Warning vibes with a touch of medieval Dio and progressive metal of epic proportions.
And, as any metalhead would tell you, the tracklisting reads like chapters in a gothic novel:
London 1898 - 2:59
City Streets - 7:34
Lost Souls - 6:29
Pieces of the Past - 9:25
Society - 6:37
Underground - 5:33
Inferno - 7:23
Clocking in at 46:02, it's a journey you won't forget.
"The London Conspiracy Chapter I 1898" is it's a time-traveling metal experience. Metro Society manages to transport you to the gas-lit alleys and clandestine societies of Victorian London with a musicality that's both gripping and theatrical. "Pieces of the Past" is a testament to their prowess, blending vocal harmonies with a narrative complexity that's pure auditory alchemy. So, fellow metalheads, buckle up for a ride through the conspiracies of London – it's a metal adventure like no other. 🎩🤘