Militia - "Psalms of the Crimson King"


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Militia Returns: Unleashing "Psalms of the Crimson King" like a Thrash Metal Apocalypse!

Move over, angels, Hungary's thrash metal titans, Militia, are back with a vengeance! Their second album, "Psalms of the Crimson King," is a face-melting, riff-fueled monster ready to rip your ears off and headbang your neck into submission. Imagine Slayer jamming with Bathory in a haunted cathedral, and you've got a taste of the unholy thrash magic they're brewing.
This ain't your average thrash, folks. We're talking blazing guitars, drums that sound like a stampede of possessed demons, and vocals straight from the pits of hell (with a hint of black metal rasp). And to top it all off, they throw in a creepy church organ for that extra touch of "oh crap, we might be summoning something evil" atmosphere.
Leading the charge are veterans of the underground, Thomas Khrul (shredding the riffs) and Lambert Lédeczy (belting out the unholy vocals). These guys have seen it all, played in countless bands, and know how to deliver thrash that'll leave you begging for more (or possibly an exorcism).
"Psalms of the Crimson King" is out now on CD via Southland Records and MC through Fekete Terror Productions. You can also snag it on Bandcamp and YouTube, with streaming services soon to be blessed by its presence. Trust me, this album is a must-have for any metalhead who likes their thrash fast, furious, and just a touch demonic.
So crank up the volume, open a mosh pit in your living room, and prepare to worship at the altar of Militia's thrash metal glory! Just don't blame me if your neighbors call the exorcist.