Misophonia - (De)void of Peace


Upcoming Release:

Misophonia: Prepare for a Melodic Onslaught with (De)void of Peace!


Misophonia, a melodic alternative metal band from the United Kingdom, is set to unleash their debut album, (De)void of Peace, on March 5th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records.
Two years of hard work have been poured into this concentrated blast of raw energy, which traces the band's musical evolution. (De)void of Peace is a compilation of nine revisited tracks, taken from Misophonia's extensive unreleased back catalog.
The result? A chaotic and straight-to-the-point album that serves as the perfect introduction to the band's unique musical universe. Influenced by 90s European melodic metal, flirting with black metal and doom, Misophonia creates an unprecedented sound.
Prepare for an intense journey, where melodic riffs intertwine with raw power and theatrical orchestrations. Enough to make you headbang like a maniac and explore the depths of your tortured soul.
(De)void of Peace is not just about shaking the walls. Tracks like "Trial and Error" and "The Abandoned Babes of Tuam" explore profound themes, such as loss, anger, and the search for meaning in a merciless world.
So, verdict? This album is a raw gem. Raw, passionate, and unpredictable, it will grab you with its catchy melodies and savage power. If you are looking for a unique and intense musical experience, (De)void of Peace is for you.
Prepare to headbang, mosh like a madman, and maybe even shed a tear or two. Don't miss out and follow Misophonia on social media to stay tuned for more!
This album is not for the faint of heart. But if you are looking for a musical catharsis and a sonic outlet, Misophonia might just become your new safe haven. Just don't blame your therapist if your bill skyrockets after listening to this album!