Moonskin - "The Immortal Embrace"


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Canadian Metallers Moonskin Sink Their Fangs into You with "The Immortal Embrace"

Forget sunlight and sparkly unicorns, folks, because Moonskin, Canada's melodic death metal merchants, are here to inject some pure, unadulterated darkness into your day. Their latest single, "The Immortal Embrace", is a bloodthirsty banger that'll have you moshing like a possessed penguin in a blizzard.
Musically, Moonskin unleash a sonic assault that's both melodic and face-melting. Think crushing riffs that could cave in a crypt, drums that sound like a stampede of undead reindeer, and vocals that could curdle milk at 50 paces. It's a headbanging buffet, and you're invited (just don't forget your neck brace).
Recorded in the frozen wasteland of Kelowna, Canada, "The Immortal Embrace" proves that Moonskin ain't afraid to embrace both melody and pure, unadulterated metal mayhem. If you're a fan of bands like Six Feet Under and Rob Zombie getting abducted by a spaceship piloted by Rammstein, then this is your new jam.
As a jaded metalhead who's seen more breakdowns than a car mechanic, I gotta say, "The Immortal Embrace" impressed me. It's catchy, it's heavy, and it's got enough atmosphere to choke a goth. The riffs are killer, the vocals are venomous, and the overall vibe is just deliciously dark.
Is it the most original song ever? Nah, but who cares? It's fun, it's well-executed, and it'll make you want to raise your horns (or nearest pointy object) in appreciation. So, crank up the volume, unleash your inner beast, and let Moonskin sink their fangs into you with "The Immortal Embrace." You won't regret it (probably).