Night Slasher


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Night Slasher Drops a Metal Bomb: A Wild Ride of Black Speed Chaos! 🤘

Hold on to your eardrums, folks, because Lithuania's Night Slasher just unleashed their self-titled album via Sliptrick Records on February 6th, 2024. It's not just music; it's a sonic hurricane tearing through everything in its path, and it's about to leave you headbanging in disbelief.
The album kicks off with "Ice," and from the get-go, it's like your ears are caught in a mosh pit. Night Slasher ain't here to play nice; they're throwing you headfirst into a black speed metal blender. Those dual guitars? They're like a tag team of sonic ninjas, grabbing you by the throat and tossing you into the metal abyss.
"Black Trip" and "Clyster Lizard"? Genres? Trends? Sanity? Forget about 'em! Night Slasher is shredding through all of that with thrashing riffs and black metal chaos. And just when you think you've survived, they hit you with solos and roars that redefine the meaning of 'face-melting'. "Liver Ripper" slows things down a bit, but only to cast a dark spell before "Pit Of Hate" engulfs you in its fiery embrace, complete with the darkest lyrics of the whole shebang.
But wait, there's more! "Ablaze" gives you a breather, only to catapult you into the brutal double kick runs of "Towers". It's a skull-crushing storm, almost like the album's grand finale. But guess what? Night Slasher has a parting gift – "Satan In The Hall". It's a metal genre parody, and you won't know whether to headbang or laugh. Maybe both?
Night Slasher's album is like a musical meteor strike, leaving you dazed and addicted. Those eight molten metal hymns create a fever dream you won't want to wake up from. It's not just an album; it's a journey into the chaos that is Night Slasher.
Black Trip
Clyster Lizard
Liver Ripper
Pit Of Hate
Satan In The Hall
Night Slasher | Released February 6th, 2024 via Sliptrick Records

Night Slasher Lineup:
Laurynas Karka – Vocals
Juozapas Bočkus – Guitar/Backing Vocals
Tomas Ivanovas – Bass/Backing Vocals
Dmitrijus Matvejevas – Drums
Ready for this wild ride? Catch Night Slasher on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, or hang out on Sliptrick's website. Get ready to have your musical reality rearranged – Night Slasher is in the house, and they're not holding back!