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Persona Non Grata: Bordeaux's Sonic Rebellion Blasting Through Genres!

Brace yourselves, metalheads, because Bordeaux's newest musical uprising has arrived, and they go by the name Persona Non Grata. 

Born in the late days of 2022, this powerhouse of sonic chaos draws inspiration from the glorious fusion era of the '90s, with a cheeky nod to the legendary Dutch outfit, Urban Dance Squad, courtesy of their borrowed moniker. But hold onto your leather jackets, because these Bordeaux maestros aren't just living in the past.
Persona Non Grata fearlessly dives into a melting pot of genres, tossing in some electro vibes for good measure. It's a modern sonic texture that'll have your ears questioning reality.
Their self-titled debut EP, set to drop on February 23rd via the M&O Music Label, is a genre-blending extravaganza. Engaging, catchy French lyrics ride on waves of melodic lines, creating a musical rollercoaster that refuses to be ignored. Now, let's talk experience.
Despite being a recent formation, Persona Non Grata is no stranger to the stage. Some of these rebels have already shared the limelight with heavy hitters like Enhancer, Manimal, Hed PE, Skindred, SidiLarsen, and Gorod.
So, you're not just getting a new band; you're getting a force fueled by seasoned musicians who know how to ignite a mosh pit. And that's not all! A music video is already on Youtube, courtesy of KB Production, known for their visual wizardry with acts like One Way Mirror, Simplixity, and Igorrr.
Get ready for a visual feast that's set to amplify the EP experience. In my humble opinion, Persona Non Grata is like that rebellious kid who shows up at the family dinner with purple hair and shakes things up.
Their EP is not just an album; it's a declaration of intent, a promise to shatter musical norms. So mark your calendars, set an alert – February 23rd is the day Bordeaux unleashes its newest sonic rebellion, and you don't want to miss the chaos! 🤘
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