Primordial Black - "Monas Hieroglyphica"


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Primordial Black: Unleashing the Abyss with "Monas Hieroglyphica" EP!

Buckle up, metalheads, as PRIMORDIAL BLACK emerges from the shadows, ready to plunge you into a sonic abyss with their latest offering – "Monas Hieroglyphica" EP.
For those who crave the intense vibes of Celtic Frost, Tryptikon, Ulcerate, Neurosis, Shining, early Sepultura, and Mgla, this is your new dark haven.
At the helm is Yasser, the sonic sorcerer behind PRIMORDIAL BLACK. Emerging from the ashes of his previous musical escapades, Yasser set out on a mission: to make you forget everything he'd ever created before.
No small feat, right? Before even scouting for band members, Yasser composed, demoed, and recorded three mind-bending tracks.
The goal? Lay the foundations, then summon the chosen ones to build upon this blackened canvas. Enter the brutal alliance of Yasser's midpaced Black/Thrash riffing and vocals, Mohamed Ben Hadida's drum onslaught, and Walid Chaaben's melodic guitar wizardry inspired by the Polish Black Metal Movement.
The result? A symphony of rage, passion, journey, revolt, and a dash of disgust for the messed-up world. Meet the newest member, Dalii Gharselaouii, the Bass Maestro. His low-end sorcery will lay the live foundation, ensuring your ribcage resonates with every thunderous beat. The EP's creation was a transcontinental ritual.
Tracking happened simultaneously at "Make Music Studio" and "Music Factory Studio" in Tunisia, with Yasser as the chief conjurer, co-producer Mohamed Raouf Youssef, and engineer Selim Achour.
The sonic spells were then shipped to France, where Yassine Omri at Silver Steel Studio masterfully mixed and mastered the concoction. "Monas Hieroglyphica", the EP's ominous title, is an exploration into the deepest recesses of blackened death metal. With each track, PRIMORDIAL BLACK summons ancient symbols, creating an auditory hieroglyphic that etches its mark on your soul.
PRIMORDIAL BLACK is not just a band; it's a dark covenant. Yasser's vision has birthed a blackened force that'll grip your senses and refuse to let go.
Each track from "Monas Hieroglyphica" is a journey into the abyss, orchestrated by masters of sonic chaos. Get ready for an EP that doesn't just play; it devours, consumes, and leaves you hungry for more. PRIMORDIAL BLACK – the new architects of your auditory demise! 🤘