Slave Steel - Sorry About Death


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Get Ready for a Metal Rollercoaster with Slave Steel's "Sorry About Death"! 🤘💀

Alright, metalheads, brace yourselves for a wild ride because UK's very own Slave Steel is dropping a sonic bomb titled "Sorry About Death," and it's not just your typical headbang-inducing track – it's a full-blown metal odyssey that's gonna rock your world!
So, what's the deal with "Sorry About Death"? It's like a musical journey exploring the consequences of humanity going all out in the pursuit of progress. Picture this: a space race, a quest for progress, and the whole shebang turning into a wild obsession. It's like a metal Shakespearean tragedy, where the pursuit of beauty collides with ruthless ambition, and the result is nothing short of epic. We're talking beauty, tragedies, and a whole lot of metal evolution rolled into one.
But hey, it's not just about the music. Slave Steel teamed up with the visionary Dean Addison to cook up a music video that's not just a video – it's a cinematic spectacle! Pil Nazar and Daniele Manganaro breathed life into Dean's vision, giving us a visual journey that perfectly matches the intensity of the track. Think of it as a metal movie for your ears and eyes.
Now, for the main event – the immersion into this metal odyssey! Hit play on the video here and get ready to dive deep into the intricate psyche of Slave Steel.
And if you're the digital explorer type, "Sorry About Death" is up for grabs on all major platforms. Go ahead, take the plunge into the abyss, and let the musical narrative take you places you've never been.
Now, let's talk about Slave Steel's signature sound – it's like a wild mix of thrash, death, and heavy metal vibes. Killer rhythms, groovy guitars, and vocals that'll send shivers down your spine. And when the music stops, you'll be left wanting more – that's the magic of Slave Steel.
But wait, there's more! This band isn't just about making music, known for their in-your-face style and mind-blowing live performances, Slave Steel doesn't just create music; they take you on a visceral journey.
For the hardcore fans seeking the full Slave Steel experience, their album "In Fieri" is a must. It's a testament to the band's musical prowess and is available on all digital platforms via Wormholedeath.
Stream "In Fieri":
And for you collectors and connoisseurs out there, the physical CD is like buried treasure waiting to be claimed at Aural Webstore.
"Sorry About Death" isn't just a song release; it's a testament to Slave Steel's mastery in crafting both auditory and visual realms. A metal odyssey that's not just heard but felt. With killer tracks and a visual experience that matches the sonic intensity, Slave Steel's latest offering is a triumph in the metal domain. Prepare to be enslaved by the sound, the vision, and the unapologetic ethos of Slave Steel.