Still Dusk - "Garden"


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Still Dusk: From the Shadows to the Spotlight - A Metal Odyssey

Hold onto your leather jackets, metalheads, because Still Dusk is about to take you on a wild ride through the metal cosmos. Formed in December 2018 by the guitar maestro Nafsika Kardomatea, this Athenian powerhouse burst onto the live scene in 2019, ready to conquer the metal realms.
Now, let's talk about survival of the metal fittest. After weathering lineup changes and a pandemic-induced pause, Still Dusk emerged stronger than ever, fueled by the addition of John Kemenides to their ranks. It's like they went through the metal crucible and came out wielding sonic weapons of mass destruction.
Their first EP, unleashed upon the world in January 2023, was more than just a musical offering – it was a declaration. The Greek underground scene felt the quake, and even the international music community couldn't ignore the rumblings. Web magazines like Music Arena GH showered them with praise, proving that Still Dusk isn't just a local sensation; they're a global metal force.

And guess what, metal maniacs? The saga doesn't end there. Still Dusk is currently cooking up a full-length album that's set to drop in 2024. Brace yourselves for a sonic storm that'll make your speakers beg for mercy. It's like waiting for the metal messiah, and Still Dusk is the chosen one.
Still Dusk isn't just a band; they're a testament to resilience and raw musical prowess. The EP was a taste of their sonic alchemy, and if that's any indication, the upcoming album is poised to be a metal masterpiece. So, gear up, metal brethren, because Still Dusk is about to turn the metal scene upside down. This is more than music; it's a metal saga in the making. \m/