The Human Edition - "Human Nature"


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The Human Edition's 'Human Nature' – A Danish Hard Rock Anthem That's Still Rocking Our World!

Hey fellow rock enthusiasts! Guess what? The Human Edition unleashed their latest single, "Human Nature," on February 9th, and it's been tearing up the Danish rock scene since. Thomas Krämer on vocals, Niels Hyttel on guitar, Jakob Ellerup on bass, and Simon Brøchner on drums are the musical maestros behind this hard rock delight.
Taking inspiration from legends like Led Zeppelin, Queens of The Stone Age, and David Bowie, The Human Edition's music is like a timeless ride that grabs you by the musical gut. And with Tue Madsen (the wizard behind Meshuggah and Behemoth) in the producer's chair, "Human Nature" is a rollercoaster of classic and contemporary rock vibes.
These guys bring serious chops, with members boasting a history in acts like Bullet Train Blast and Coma Pilot. Nominations, rave reviews, and performances that light up the stage – The Human Edition is a rock force to reckon with.
As we cruise through February, "Human Nature" is still buzzing in our ears, capturing the essence of Danish rock in 2024. Thomas Krämer's killer vocals, Niels Hyttel's rocking guitar, Jakob Ellerup's bass grooves, and Simon Brøchner's drumming magic make "Human Nature" a thrilling addition to The Human Edition's musical journey.
If you haven't jammed to "Human Nature" yet, what are you waiting for? These guys are turning up the heat, and this single is the fire that keeps on burning!
"Human Nature" by The Human Edition is like a burst of musical energy. The blend of classic and modern influences shows these guys mean business. This single cements The Human Edition as a Danish rock powerhouse!