The Lightbringer - "Seven Thrones"


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The Lightbringer Unleashes Epic Saga with "Seven Thrones": Metal's Answer to a Cosmic Odyssey 🤘

In a world where gods walk among us and mystical realms unfold, Canada's own The Lightbringer invites you on a sonic odyssey with their latest release, "Seven Thrones." Dropping on March 22, 2024, this melodic power/black metal gem promises not just an album but an enchanting journey through realms unknown.
Building upon the narrative from their EP "From the Void to Existence" and the album "Heptanity," "Seven Thrones" is a conceptual masterpiece. Each track delves into the very fabric of existence, where gods manifest, kingdoms rise and fall, and cosmic wonders unfold. It's a saga filled with awe, challenges, and the eternal dance between light and darkness. The band, armed with mystical voices within their music, beckons you to join them on this cosmic quest.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by the wizardry of Olivier V. Girard at Holywaves Studio, Québec, this album guarantees a top-notch auditory experience. If you're a fan of the early sounds of Dark Tranquillity, Septic Flesh, or Stormlord, "Seven Thrones" finds its home in the epic sonic landscape these legends have paved.
But wait, there's more! The album's "Cosmogony edition" is a treasure chest in itself. Packed in a wooden box, it boasts four bonus tracks, the EP "From The Void To Existence," and a 32-page booklet exploring The Lightbringer Lore. All this, courtesy of the band's creative minds, Auraeon and illustrated by Auraeon.
Meet the cosmic architects behind the magic:
Auraeon: Guitars, Drums
Archan: Warrior Voice, Bass
Sol-Orcus: Abyssal Voice
Celestheia: Celestial Voice

The journey begins with a pre-order campaign, offering exclusive goodies. Get your hands on the cosmic marvel: Pre-order here
In conclusion, "Seven Thrones" isn't just an album – it's a cosmic metal experience. Brace yourselves for an odyssey of sound and story, guided by the mystical voices of The Lightbringer. Prepare to be enthralled.