The Scream - "WHELLCOME"


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The Scream Unleashes Hell with "WHELLCOME" - A Sonic Thrill Ride

Italy's musical pandemonium, THE SCREAM, is back with their third album, "WHELLCOME" released on February 13th, 2024, via Sliptrick Records. Brace yourselves for a musical onslaught that'll leave you headbanging and questioning the very fabric of reality.
This punk hardcore, hard rock, and metal concoction is a wild 9-track journey, delivering everything from heart-pounding, fast-paced anthems to dark, melodic aggressiveness. If you're into genres that don't play by the rules, THE SCREAM has your musical prescription.
Recorded, mixed, and mastered at the Toxic Basement Studio in Carate Brianza (Italy), the birthplace of their debut album, "WHELLCOME" promises a sonic assault that's been marinating in the madness of its origins.
The album explores themes from the apocalypse, both literal and metaphorical, in tracks like "The Sky Has Fallen" and "If It's The End Of The World". Nightmarish scenarios play out in "All A Nightmare", while the more sensual side of dreams gets a spotlight in "Dirty Dreams". Whether you're yearning to party hard in "Go Out... Go Mad" or embracing the defiance in "Underdogs Hymn" and "Never Give In", there's a track for every emotional rollercoaster.
According to THE SCREAM, these diverse themes serve a common purpose - to remind us to live life to the fullest, whether we're in the midst of nightmares or dreams, joy or anger. Before the world welcomes you to hell, THE SCREAM says to welcome each day with open arms.
Tracklist: A Soundtrack to the Madness
Shooting Stars
The Sky Has Fallen
Go Out... Go Mad
Underdogs Hymn
All A Nightmare
The Best Of Me
Never Give In
Dirty Dreams
If It's The End Of The World
Edoardo Ferri on Bass/Vocals, Francesco Carrabba on Drums/Vocals, and Simone Bardella on Guitar/Vocals - this trio forms the unholy trinity that is THE SCREAM. Their musical chaos knows no bounds.
A Wild Ride through Hell and Back
Having submerged myself in "WHELLCOME", I can guarantee that THE SCREAM has crafted an album that's both an adrenaline-fueled thrill and a thought-provoking journey. Strap in, dear metalheads, for THE SCREAM is here to unleash auditory havoc! \m/