Vented - "Cruelty and Corruption"

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Vented Unleashes Metal Mayhem: "Cruelty and Corruption" Album Rocks Hard!

Brace yourself for the thunderous arrival of Vented, the international supergroup featuring the powerhouse trio of Sean Zatorsky, Austin D’Amond, and Gergo Hajer. Their debut album, "Cruelty and Corruption," is a sonic journey through the realms of groove metal, promising intense vocals, killer drumming, and an immersive experience that'll make your head bang and your soul resonate.
Produced by the acclaimed HK Krauss at Vamacara Studios in France, the album's raw and sonically brutal mix demands to be cranked up to 11. "Cruelty and Corruption" isn't just music; it's a wild ride that slams you against the wall and leaves you begging for more.
In a metal twist of fate, the album's original drummer, the mighty Joey Jordison, passed away during its creation. In a tribute to Jordison's legacy, Austin D’Amond stepped up to the drum kit, ensuring the album's completion and honoring the fallen metal legend.
Three killer singles, "The End Game", "My Desire" and "Requiem For Myself" set the stage for this metal masterpiece. Available for streaming on Spotify and in physical copies through Records, distributed by Season of Mist, "Cruelty and Corruption" is a must-have for any metalhead's collection.
As you dive headfirst into Vented's universe, follow them on their digital journey via their website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even TikTok. The album cover and tracklist, featuring titles like "I Am Death" and "Final Hour," hint at the metal onslaught awaiting you.

"Cruelty and Corruption" isn't just an album; it's a shout-out to all rock enthusiasts. Get ready for a wild ride that'll leave your ears ringing and your horns raised high! \m/
Having listened to a few tracks from this album, I can attest that "Cruelty and Corruption" is a ferocious beast. From the thunderous drums to the soul-shaking vocals, Vented has crafted a metal gem that pays homage to the genre's roots while pushing boundaries. The tragic loss of Joey Jordison adds a layer of poignancy, making this album not just a musical journey but a heartfelt tribute to the spirit of metal \m/