Azimut19 - "By Horizon"


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Azimut19 Unleashes Melodic Mayhem: Wormholedeath Welcomes the Apocalypse!

Prepare your eardrums, metalheads, as the melodic death metal powerhouse AZIMUT19 is about to unleash a sonic storm with their debut album, "By Horizon". Wormholedeath proudly announces the signing of this musical juggernaut, setting the stage for an auditory onslaught slated to hit the global scene on April 12, 2024.
Spawned from the twisted minds of Sigurd and Ainar, the mad architects behind the Viking metal legends Nomans Land, AZIMUT19 emerges as a phoenix rising from the ashes of musical evolution. With over 25 years of sonic exploration, these metal maestros decided it was time for a new chapter, and "By Horizon" is the epic prologue.
"By Horizon" isn't just an album; it's a manifesto, a sonic war cry against the societal quagmire. AZIMUT19's melodic death metal concoction, laced with influences from Slayer to Iron Maiden, paints a vivid portrait of our chaotic world. Sergei Zhurov's guitar prowess, Alexey Magin's vocal and percussive onslaught, and Vitalii Mikulich's bass thunder form the unholy trinity behind this musical insurgency.
The album, a collaborative masterpiece with Ria April Avalon and Maria Leonova, digs deep into the shadows of our existence. Tracks like "Anger Plague", "Hi-tech War" and "The Virus" plunge listeners into a lyrical abyss, forcing introspection upon the masses. AZIMUT19 doesn't just make music; they craft a visceral experience.
Before the album's cataclysmic release, indulge in the apocalyptic visuals of "Anger Plague" at
Brace yourselves for a rollercoaster of rage, melody, and unadulterated metal mayhem.
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"By Horizon" promises a musical odyssey with tracks like "Chasing Money," "Fiery Wall of Lies," and "Heirs of Enmity." Get ready to pave your way through the wreckage and dive into the melodic abyss.
As a devout metalhead, I can't help but revel in the impending chaos AZIMUT19 is about to unleash. "By Horizon" is not just an album; it's a call to arms. From the dark depths of societal critique to the blazing solos echoing the metal legends, this debut promises a journey through the heart of melodic death metal. Brace yourselves, fellow headbangers; AZIMUT19 is here to conquer, and I'm all in for the ride! \m/