Cell Press - "Cages"


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Montreal's Cell Press Drops You into the Dystopian Punk Chaos with "Original Uranium Baby" Video


Hey, punk lovers! Brace yourselves for the sonic rampage coming your way from Montreal's very own Cell Press. These guys are cooking up something fierce for their upcoming album, "Cages", set to hit the scene this March 2024. But hey, they're not leaving you hanging; they've just unleashed a wild video for their single "Original Uranium Baby".
Imagine the year 2088 in the desolate town of Elliot Lake, Ontario. That's the backdrop for "Original Uranium Baby". It's more than a song; it's a gritty blend of hardcore, sludge, punk, and metal. Vocalist/guitarist Sean Arsenian spills the beans, promising "hooks, pummel, AND a bit of a sophisticated groove" in this raucous ride.
Ever wondered how a song transforms from a defunct dirty punk/noise-rock project? Arsenian walks you through it. Resurrected riffs, thrown into the "human misery machine", emerge as a sludgy, coiling beast. Picture a syncopated jazz swing meeting primal caveman rage. Yeah, that's the vibe.
"Cages" isn't your run-of-the-mill album. It's a thematic rollercoaster, touching on everything from advocating for clean drinking water to dystopian tales where radioactive bones are the currency. Cell Press even dives into the chaos of truth and information in today's divided society. Get ready for a wild ride.
Cell Press spills the beans on their collaborative songwriting process. Riffs and drum ideas mix and mingle, giving birth to their untamed sound. Lyrics and vocals? Well, they're the final piece of the puzzle, shaped by the emotional landscape of the music. The result? A chaotic masterpiece for fans of Unsane, Keelhaul, and Burnt By The Sun.
"Cages" breaks free on March 8, 2024. You can snag it from The Ghost Is Clear Records (Vinyl), Ancient Temple Recordings (Vinyl), and No List Records (Cassette). And for a taste of the pandemonium, dive into the video for "Original Uranium Baby."

Cell Press isn't just a band; they're the architects of a punk-fueled storm. "Cages" is gearing up to redefine your musical boundaries, offering a visceral experience. Punk, sludge, or metal lover – mark your calendars for March. The chaos is coming. 🤘🔥