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FELINE MELINDA are back at the start of 2024 with their new studio album "Seven". The front cover of the album reveals the proverbial consistency ofthe long-lasting rock band from South Tyrol/Italy.

"Seven - VII" opens another chapter in the discography of FELINE MELINDA, where by the band has always remained true to its own musical style and passion for music, presenting eleven tracks with catchy melodies and skilful guitar work. Independent and far from the current market logic of the music business and the wide-ranging genre of hard and heavy music, the band continues to follow its own path.
The musicians of FELINE MELINDA have always attached great importance to making music out of pure joy and passion. With "Seven", the band presents a versatile, varied album, through which a common thre adruns from the opener "Welcome To The Show" to the obligatory ballad "BeforeThe Dawn": uncomplicated, catchy song material, best described as a mixture of power and pop metal, with a touch of symphonic rock and AOR influences.

The song "Seventh Heaven", which was released as a single including amusic video at the end of last year, perfectly embodies these stylistic elements of the new repertoire. For the song, which was conceived and composed as a duet, Rob, Chris, Gschnell and HeadMatt once again relied on their proven collaboration with singer Doris Albenberger for the female vocal part. Sascha Paeth, producer, mastermind of Masters of Ceremony and guitarist of Tobias Sammet's Avantasia, is responsible for the mixing and mastering of "Seven - VII".
01 Welcome To The Show
02 Blinded By The Beauty
03Can You Feel My Eyes On You
04 In The Shadow Of TheMoon
05 Seventh Heaven
06 Jolly Joker
07 Black Sun
08 She's Like A Thunderstorm
09 Higher
10 More ThanEver
11 Before The Dawn
Rob Irbiz - vocals
Chris Platzer – drums
HeadMatt- rhythm and lead guitar
Gschnell - bass
Guest Musicians:
Doris Albenberger (vocals - "Seventh Heaven" and "Before The Dawn")
Francesco Pinter (rhythm and lead guitar - "Before The Dawn" / solo on "Black Sun")

"Seven - VII" by FELINE MELINDA has been released in digital version on all download and streaming portals since January 15, 2024.
The album has been available as a digipack CD since mid-February 2024.

Music style:
Melodic metal rock (Power metal, happy metal, pop metal, metal ballads, AOR)
Foundation, origin:
80s, originally started as a trio, from 2014 as a quartet - South Tyrol-Trentino (IT)
Band evolution:
Formed in 1986 by Rob Irbiz and former bass guitarist Andy De Santis. Thanks to the new drummer Chris Platzer, the band develops from a faster genre to melodic metal rock. In 2004 Gschnell replaces the bass player. The band turns into a quartet with lead guitarist HeadMatt, who joins the band during the recordings of the album "Dance of Fire and Rain".