Fifty One - "Love/Hate"

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Fifty One: Unleashing Punk Rock Mayhem with Love/Hate Album!

Fifty one - The Last One

Buckle up, punk aficionados! Hailing from Tarbes, France, the Punk Rock powerhouse, FIFTY ONE, is here to prove that Rock'n'Roll is not just alive but kicking with their electric and festive music. Influenced by the Californian scene of the early 2000s (think Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41), these guys are ready to set the stage on fire.
Their new album, "Love/Hate," is not just an album; it's a punk rock odyssey set to blow your mind. With impactful guitar riffs, infectious melodies, and a whole lot of attitude, FIFTY ONE is redefining the punk rock narrative. Get ready for a sonic journey that'll make you want to mosh, dance, and scream your heart out.
Meet the Rebels: FIFTY ONE's Line-up!
Max Ducat - Guitar/Vocals
Theo Mattera - Lead Guitar
Julien Maleuvre - Bass
Alex Ortega - Drums

Formed in 2015 as a power trio, FIFTY ONE took the European stage by storm, proving that punk rock is a universal language. After a hiatus, the band came back stronger in 2019 with a new guitarist, evolving their music and dropping their first EP, "Rebirth." Fast forward to 2022, and they hit the studio with Bertrand Poncet and Bastien Lafaye of Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! to record their debut album, "Love/Hate," slated was released on March 8, 2024, in collaboration with the legendary label M&O Music.
FIFTY ONE is not just a band; they're a testament to the resilience of punk rock. Their melodies are addictive, their energy is contagious, and their message is loud and clear – Rock'n'Roll is here to stay. Whether you're a die-hard punk fan or just looking for a musical rebellion, FIFTY ONE is the spark you've been waiting for.
Diving into FIFTY ONE's "Love/Hate" was like stepping into a punk rock time machine. The album is a relentless surge of energy, rebellion, and unapologetic punk spirit. From Max Ducat's gritty vocals to Theo Mattera's blistering guitar solos, each track is a sonic punch to the system. FIFTY ONE isn't just reviving punk rock; they're redefining it for a new era. "Love/Hate" is not just an album; it's a battle cry, and I'm here for it. Get ready to raise your fist, stomp your feet, and fall in love with the chaos. \m/