Grand Massive - "Houses Of The Unholy"


Upcoming Release:

Grand Massive Unleashes "Houses Of The Unholy" EP: A Metal Monolith of Epic Proportions!

Prepare your eardrums for a seismic event in the metal world as Grand Massive, the titans of heaviness, gear up for the release of their latest EP, "Houses Of The Unholy"! Following the earth-shattering success of their 2020 album "IV", these metal maestros are back with a vengeance, delivering five tracks of pure sonic devastation to tide fans over until their next full-length masterpiece drops in 2025.
Scheduled for unleashing on May 23rd under the watchful eye of MDD Records, "Houses Of The Unholy" promises to be anything but ordinary. With a runtime of over 27 minutes, this EP is a sonic behemoth that will leave listeners battered, bruised, and begging for more.
But that's not all—prepare to be floored as Grand Massive reunites with some familiar faces for this release. Original drummer Holger Stich returns to the kit, bringing his thunderous beats back into the fold. And joining him is longtime ally Randy M Salo, holding down the low end with his bass wizardry. But perhaps the most exciting addition to the lineup is the legendary Bay Area guitarist Doug Pearcy, whose blistering solos will set your speakers ablaze with their ferocity.
With artwork that teases at dark and ominous forces lurking within, "Houses Of The Unholy" is poised to be a metal masterpiece for the ages. So mark your calendars, pre-order your copy, and get ready to be swept away by the sheer power and intensity of Grand Massive.
And now, as a metalhead who's been eagerly anticipating this release, let me tell you—this EP is an absolute beast. From the bone-crushing riffs to the face-melting solos, Grand Massive has delivered yet another sonic knockout punch that will leave you gasping for air. So don your battle jackets, raise your horns high, and prepare to be baptized in the fires of metal glory. "Houses Of The Unholy" is coming, and it's going to be epic! 🤘