N.M.E - "The End of Innocence"


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N.M.E: Unearthed Gems from the Metal Vaults

In the dimly lit annals of metal history, there lurks a band whose name evokes both reverence and mystery. Hailing from the steel city of Pittsburgh, N.M.E emerged during the heady days of the mid-'80s, armed with blistering riffs and a penchant for chaos.
Led by the enigmatic vocalist Jirus, the band solidified its lineup with a cadre of metal warriors including guitarists Michael Weldon and Brian Keruskin, bassist Chuck Robinson, and drummer Dave Snyder. Together, they embarked on a sonic odyssey that would culminate in the creation of "The End of Innocence".
Recorded in the hallowed halls of Space Station Studios, this opus was destined to become a cornerstone of metal history. Yet, fate had other plans, relegating its release to the realm of whispered legend, known only to a select few who possessed the coveted dubbed cassettes adorned with handwritten labels.
But fear not, metal brethren, for Divebomb Records has risen from the ashes to deliver unto us a long-awaited gift: a remastered edition of "The End of Innocence", lovingly restored from the original 1988 reels. Alongside classics like "Vengeance Is Mine" and "Sweet Little Sister", we are treated to the unearthed gems "R.I.P." and "Wicked Child", promising a journey through the depths of metal's golden age.

Mastered by the esteemed Greg McLaughlin and Chuck Robinson at Shore Studios, this release breathes new life into N.M.E's sonic tapestry, ensuring that their legacy will endure for generations to come. And with a detailed booklet featuring a retrospective interview with Chuck Robinson and Dave Snyder, fans are granted unprecedented access to the band's storied past.
For those who worship at the altar of Fifth Angel, Tyrant, and Shok Paris, "The End of Innocence" is a must-have addition to your collection. So dust off your denim vests, raise your devil horns high, and prepare to be baptized in the fire of N.M.E.
Piving into the depths of N.M.E's discography was a journey filled with equal parts nostalgia and discovery. "The End of Innocence" stands as a testament to a bygone era of metal, where raw passion and unbridled energy reigned supreme. With its thunderous riffs and anthemic choruses, this album is a time capsule from a time when metal was more than just music—it was a way of life. So crank up the volume, let the adrenaline flow, and immerse yourself in the sonic fury of N.M.E. Your ears will thank you.