Paula Teles - "DESENCANTO"


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Paula Teles: Invitation To The Soul - "DESENCANTO" Arrives On April 5, 2024

Hey, music fam! Big news from the heart of Portugal: Paula Teles, the cool cat from Lilith’s Revenge and Waterland, is stepping into the solo spotlight with her debut album, "Desencanto", dropping on April 5, 2024. This isn’t just an album; it's like a personal mixtape straight from Paula's soul, blending symphonic and prog metal with the heartfelt vibes of Portugal's musical roots.
Imagine the raw power of metal taking a sweet dance with the nostalgic melodies of fado. That's what Paula's cooking up in "Desencanto", inspired by the likes of Orphaned Land, Chelsea Wolfe, and Moonspell. It's a genre-bending journey, and you're all invited!
Speaking from the heart, Paula spills the beans: "I wanted to create something bolder and closer to my personal and musical influences with 'Desencanto.' This project is me diving deep into the beauty of traditional Portuguese music, mixing it up with the fierce vibes of metal".
But hey, this isn’t just about breaking musical boundaries; it's about Paula inviting you into her world. "Desencanto" isn’t just an album; it's a peek into Paula Teles' musical soul, a love letter to her influences, passions, and the rich heritage that shaped her.
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As April 5th rolls in, the excitement is real. "Desencanto" isn’t just an album drop; it’s an open invitation to vibe with Paula Teles on a musical adventure, where traditions and innovations hug it out. Stay tuned, music lovers!