SACRILATOR - "Maximum Execution"


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SACRILATOR Summons Ancient Evil with "Maximum Execution" - (Old School Metal)

Prepare for a headbanging journey back in time as SACRILATOR, the Chilean maestros of Speed Thrashing Metal, unleash their latest creation, "Maximum Execution - (Old School Metal)", on February 29, 2024, courtesy of Witches Brew Records. This album, featuring 14 unbridled tracks, is a sonic time machine, transporting metal enthusiasts to the raw, aggressive roots of the genre.
Hailing from the depths of Chile's underground metal scene, SACRILATOR channels the spirit of classic metal acts from the early 1980s, delivering a relentless barrage of evil-infused speed thrash. "Maximum Execution" is a potent concoction, presenting the band's 2011 demo in its unfiltered glory, accompanied by bonus live tracks and two previously unreleased gems.
Remastered to perfection, each track on "Maximum Execution" pulsates with primal energy, plunging listeners into a frenetic whirlwind of riffs, solos, and thunderous percussion. SACRILATOR's signature blend of speed and aggression dominates every moment, proving that this album is a homage to the enduring power of metal's most primal instincts.
"Maximum Execution" is available for purchase and streaming at Witches Brew Records. Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in the dark sonic realms SACRILATOR has crafted.
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SACRILATOR's "Maximum Execution" is not just an album; it's a visceral experience that resurrects the essence of metal's early days. Get ready to be swept away by the primal force of their thrashing mayhem!