Skulldozer - "Non Stop Ruthless Crushing"

Upcoming Release:

American Death Metal Titans Skulldozer Join Forces with Wormholedeath for Explosive Reissue of Debut Album

Prepare your necks for the impending assault, metalheads, as the American death metal powerhouse, Skulldozer, teams up with Wormholedeath for the reissue of their debut album, "Non Stop Ruthless Crushing". Scheduled to detonate on May 3rd, 2024, this collaboration promises an explosive resurgence of pure metal mayhem.
Non-Stop Ruthless Crushing isn't just an album title; it's a manifesto of sonic devastation. Originally unleashed upon the world in 2023, this reissue aims to reignite the flames of chaos, delivering bone-crushing grooves and unrelenting aggression reminiscent of the golden era of death metal. Brace yourselves for a visceral journey through a landscape dominated by thunderous riffs and guttural roars, with a southern sludge twist that adds an extra layer of filthy heaviness.
In a pivotal moment for their career, Skulldozer has joined forces with renowned label Wormholedeath Records for the release of their debut album, "Non-Stop Ruthless Crushing". The band's gratitude towards their new label is clear in their statement: "Skulldozer is eternally grateful and honored to sign with WormholeDeath Records for the release of our debut album". With such a partnership, 2024 is shaping up to be a triumphant year for Skulldozer, as they eagerly anticipate unleashing their sonic assault with the support of this esteemed label. Fans of metal can expect a brutal and uncompromising auditory experience, characteristic of Skulldozer's unique style. The metal scene is about to be shaken up by the arrival of this promising newcomer.
Formed amidst the Texan fires of 2020, Skulldozer has since migrated to Mississippi, assembling a lineup of seasoned veterans who bring a wealth of experience to the table. Led by the unyielding vision of guitarist and vocalist Jason Ramsay, Skulldozer's fusion of traditional death metal with modern sludge elements sets them apart in today's crowded metal landscape.
Connect with Skulldozer through their various channels to stay immersed in their world of unyielding brutality. And if you're ready to experience the full force of their sonic onslaught, dive into the music video for "Bow To None" – but be warned, it's not for the faint of heart.
As the tracklist suggests, Non-Stop Ruthless Crushing promises an unrelenting barrage of metallic fury, with each song poised to leave a trail of destruction in its wake. From the merciless title track to the skull-crushing finale of "Skullfucking Domination," prepare to be pulverized by Skulldozer's uncompromising sound.
In conclusion, Skulldozer's collaboration with Wormholedeath for the reissue of Non-Stop Ruthless Crushing heralds a triumphant return for this American death metal force. With a potent mix of old-school aggression and modern brutality, Skulldozer stands tall as a beacon of uncompromising heaviness in an ever-evolving metal landscape. Brace yourselves, metalheads – the apocalypse is nigh, and it's soundtracked by Skulldozer.