Through Mists - "Prolific"


Upcoming Release:

Through Mists Unveils EP "Prolific": A Dark Symphony of Metal Madness

Prepare to dive into the depths of darkness as Through Mists, the brainchild of the enigmatic James Aniston (of Synastry fame), announces the release of their latest EP, "Prolific". Scheduled to unleash its fury independently on April 26th, 2024, this EP is a sonic voyage you won't soon forget.
Through Mists is a swirling vortex of aggressive melodies, dissonance, and avant-garde structures that push the boundaries of extreme metal. With "Prolific", James Aniston crafts four heavy and dissonant compositions that drag you into the abyss while maintaining a tantalizing melodious undertone.
Aniston himself is bursting with excitement about this release, stating, "Through Mists is thrilled to unleash this EP upon the world! It feels like a fresh start for us, as we've concluded our previous narrative with 'Summon The Severed' and are now free to explore new themes without constraints. Get ready to have your insides torn out and put on display!"
"Prolific" not only marks a thematic departure for Through Mists but also builds upon the increasing aggression showcased in previous releases like "Starkiller", "Homicidal Hamsters" and "Summon The Severed". Musically, expect a heavier focus on guitar and bass, with the epic 14-minute title track delving into mesmerizing piano and synth melodies.
Lyrically, "Prolific" delves into the idea of surrendering oneself physically, mentally, and spiritually to an ideal that could lead to destruction, culminating in a pursuit of fulfillment through persistence and creation in a decaying world.
Available digitally on Bandcamp and other streaming platforms, "Prolific" promises to be a transcendental experience for metal aficionados everywhere.
"Through Mists' 'Prolific' is a haunting journey through the darkest recesses of the mind. James Aniston's ability to craft such intense and intricate compositions is truly commendable. Each track on this EP is a testament to his musical prowess and creative vision.Don't sleep on it!"