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VIIHB Unveils Debut Album "Memento Mori" - A Heartfelt Dutch Doom Metal Saga

Hold tight as the soul-stirring tunes of Dutch Doom Metal outfit VIIHB unfold in their maiden album, "Memento Mori." The haunting melodies and powerful rhythms now echo through the streets of Zevenhuizen, Netherlands, carrying with them a poignant narrative of resilience and remembrance.
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Back in 2018, in the heart of Zevenhuizen, Netherlands, the seeds of VIIHB were planted by Luce Vee (vocals), Jeff Von D (vocals/guitars), and Ray DiBianco (drums). Through the challenges of a pandemic-induced hiatus, the band persisted, crafting the material that now shapes their inaugural full-length release.
In November 2021, Peter H Boer joined VIIHB, bringing a new dimension as the bass guitarist. However, a somber turn of events unfolded in April 2022, with the passing of Luce Vee. His departure cast a profound shadow, leaving the band and its members grappling with grief.
In the face of this profound loss, VIIHB chose a path of dedication and perseverance. After a period of mourning and introspection, the decision was made to press forward and create their debut album, a poignant homage to the memory of Luce.
"Memento Mori" transcends being just an album; it's a therapeutic journey. Recorded in the evocative "Granny Attic Studio" and skillfully mixed/mastered by Peter H Boer, the release captures the essence of sorrow, resilience, and the unwavering commitment that defines VIIHB's odyssey.
As the notes reverberate through each track, "Memento Mori" emerges as a sonic chronicle of VIIHB's indomitable spirit. From mournful chords to thunderous beats, the album immerses listeners in a world where grief and resilience intertwine.
Though Luce Vee may have departed, his legacy resonates through the melancholic echoes of "Memento Mori." VIIHB's debut album is more than a musical endeavor; it's a tribute, a eulogy, and a harmonious communion with the departed.

Embark on this poignant journey through "Memento Mori" with VIIHB. Let the echoes of doom resonate as the legacy lives on.