APOTHEUS - "Re:union"


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APOTHEUS, the unstoppable force rumbling through the caverns of the metal scene, has unleashed their latest opus, "Re:union" - a cryptic and thunderous anthem that plunges headfirst into the abyss of the unknown. Brace yourselves, fellow metalheads, it's a pilgrimage into the shadows, a communion with the sinister, and a damn good headbang waiting to happen.

"Re:union" is a musical séance, summoning forth spine-chilling melodies and bone-rattling intensity. It's the tale of a harrowing encounter with a cosmic entity beyond comprehension, laying bare a nefarious scheme that will leave you questioning reality itself. With every riff, every beat, Apotheus beckons you deeper into the abyss, where fear and fascination dance hand in hand.
But fear not, for amidst the darkness lies a visual feast that'll have you glued to the screen. Directed by the maestro Fábio Carneiro, the accompanying video for "Re:union" is a celluloid symphony of terror and beauty, perfectly complementing the song's macabre narrative. Prepare to be mesmerized, horrified, and utterly captivated.
"Re:union" marks the zenith of Apotheus's musical odyssey, a tantalizing glimpse into the abyssal depths of their upcoming album. With each note, they etch their name deeper into the annals of metal history, solidifying their status as titans of the genre.
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Follow Apotheus on their social media channels, stalk them on Spotify, and immerse yourself in their twisted world of metal madness. The apocalypse is coming, my friends, and Apotheus is leading the charge. Embrace the darkness. Embrace "Re:union." And let the metal gods have mercy on your soul.