Bronze - "Tyrant's Spell"


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Bronze Unleashes Their Tyrant's Spell: A Dark Prelude to 'In Chains and Shadows'

If you've been craving a dose of unadulterated metal mayhem to kickstart your auditory senses, then Bronze has got you covered. The metal maestros have just dropped their latest single, "Tyrant's Spell," serving as a tantalizing teaser before the grand unleashing of their upcoming album, 'In Chains and Shadows.'
Available for consumption on various platforms including the quintessential Youtube lyric video and all major streaming platforms like Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes, "Tyrant's Spell" is a headbanger's dream come true. You can dive headfirst into the abyss of Bronze's sonic universe via the link provided below. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Watch "Tyrant's Spell" Here!

Crafted with the dark arts of metal in mind, the lyric video is a visual feast for the twisted souls, courtesy of the talented Mina Walkure. Her artwork and sketch breathe life into Bronze's dark symphony, adding a layer of visual depth that enhances the auditory experience.
Mark your calendars, fellow metalheads! 'In Chains and Shadows' is slated for release on April 24th. Prepare your sacrificial altars and tune in on all streaming platforms to behold the unveiling of this masterpiece. And for the purists among us, fear not, for Bronze will be gracing us with the physical presence of their album in various forms: CDs and vinyl in black, gold, and blue variants. Because let's face it, nothing beats the tactile pleasure of spinning a vinyl under the moonlit sky while the sounds of chaos engulf you.
For those eager to pledge their allegiance to the dark lords of Bronze and secure their copy of 'In Chains and Shadows' in advance, presale options are available on both the band's website and Bandcamp. Don't miss your chance to be among the chosen few to experience this auditory odyssey before the masses.
As I sit here, letting the reverberations of "Tyrant's Spell" course through my veins, I can't help but marvel at Bronze's ability to weave a spell so intoxicating, so utterly mesmerizing. With each riff, they beckon us into the abyss, and willingly, we follow. So heed the call, my fellow metal brethren, and let Bronze be your guide through the shadows.
"Tyrant's Spell" is a testament to Bronze's unwavering commitment to the dark arts of metal. It's a symphony of chaos and beauty, a sonic tapestry that ensnares the senses and refuses to let go. With 'In Chains and Shadows' on the horizon, one thing's for certain: Bronze is poised to dominate the metal scene once more, and I, for one, welcome our new overlords with open arms.