M1ke - "Thy Wolves & The Siege"


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M1ke Unleashes Howling Heavy Metal Fury with 'Thy Wolves' & 'The Siege'

In the rugged terrain of heavy metal, where wolves howl at the moon and guitars scream like banshees, emerges M1ke, a lone warrior wielding sonic weaponry forged in the fires of passion and strife.
Hailing from the land of flamenco and siestas, M1ke, a Portuguese expat in Spain, has been honing his craft for decades, venturing through various musical projects like a fearless explorer in search of the ultimate riff. From the trenches of Nightshift to the thunderous assault of Razón de Odio, his journey has been nothing short of epic.
But it's in his solo odyssey that M1ke truly unleashes the beast within. With the digital releases of "Coastline - The Demotapes" and "The Siege" in 2021, he planted his flag firmly in the realm of heavy metal, wielding his axe like a seasoned warrior on the battlefield of sound.
Now, as the world grapples with its own demons, M1ke returns with a vengeance, brandishing not one, but two albums of pure metallic fury: "Thy Wolves" and the aforementioned "The Siege". Scheduled to drop on April 25, 2024, these albums are primed to shake the very foundations of the earth.

"The Siege", born amidst the chaos of a world in lockdown, serves as a sonic manifesto for the times. M1ke channels the collective angst and frustration into a maelstrom of raw, unbridled energy. It's an album that hits you like a sledgehammer to the skull, leaving you dazed and exhilarated in its wake.

But just when you think you've weathered the storm, M1ke unleashes "Thy Wolves" upon you, like a pack of ravenous beasts hungry for blood. With its thunderous riffs and primal rhythms, this album is a testament to the untamed spirit of heavy metal. From the blistering fury to the haunting melodies, M1ke takes you on a wild ride through the wilderness of the human psyche.
So, dear metalheads, brace yourselves for the onslaught that is M1ke's "Thy Wolves" and "The Siege". With their release just around the corner, it's time to sharpen your claws, raise your horns, and prepare for battle. Because when M1ke unleashes his howling fury, there's no shelter from the storm.
M1ke's double release of "Thy Wolves" and "The Siege" is a tour de force of heavy metal mayhem. With its potent blend of aggression, melody, and raw emotion, this album showcases M1ke's evolution as an artist and a storyteller. From the blistering riffs to the soaring solos, every note feels like a battle cry, urging you to join the fray. So crank up the volume, throw up the horns, and let M1ke lead you on a journey through the dark and dangerous world of heavy metal. You won't regret it.