Maailman Äänet - "Kaksi sutta"


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Maailman Äänet Unleashes Debut Album "Kaksi sutta" - A Finnish Symphony of Metal

Hold onto your battleaxes, folks, because Finland's Maailman Äänet has just dropped a bombshell with their debut album, "Kaksi sutta" (Two Wolves).
Imagine Nightwish crashing headfirst into Within Temptation while Indica watches from the sidelines, and you'll get a sense of the sonic landscape Maailman Äänet has created. But this isn't your typical metal album; oh no, it's so much more.
Eveliina Pyhtilä and Miikka Keskitalo, the masterminds behind this project, have crafted an album that's as intricate as it is ambitious. Drawing inspiration from an old Native American tale, they've woven together themes of love, nature, and fantasy into a musical tapestry that's as enchanting as it is headbanging.
From the hauntingly beautiful "Sinä et oo enää täällä" to the adrenaline-fueled anthem "Muutoksen virrassa," each track on "Kaksi sutta" is a journey unto itself. And with Pyhtilä's powerhouse vocals leading the charge, you can't help but be swept away by the sheer emotion and power behind every note.
But let's not forget about Keskitalo's wizardry on the guitar and keys. His riffs are as crushing as they are melodic, perfectly complementing Pyhtilä's ethereal melodies. And the orchestral flourishes? Pure magic.
Clocking in at a hefty 56 minutes, "Kaksi sutta" is not for the faint of heart. It's a journey through the depths of Finnish mythology and metal mastery, and it's one you won't soon forget.
Maailman Äänet have burst onto the scene with a debut album that's as bold as it is beautiful. "Kaksi sutta" is a symphonic metal tour de force that demands to be heard. Don your chainmail, grab your mead, and prepare for an odyssey unlike any other. Skål!
Eveliina Pyhtilä: Vocals, Piano, Composition, Lyrics, Production Management
Miikka Keskitalo: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Programmed Drums, Orchestrations, Composition, Lyrics, Arrangement, Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Editor & Cover Art