GRAND MASSIVE - "Houses Of The Unholy"


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GRAND MASSIVE Unleashes "Houses Of The Unholy"

Alright, metal warriors, brace yourselves! Germany’s very own Grand Massive has just dropped their latest EP, "Houses Of The Unholy," and it’s an absolute monster. Released on May 23, 2024, through MDD Records, this EP is packed with heavy riffs, doomy vibes, and enough raw power to blow your speakers.
Grand Massive has been rocking the scene since 2009, and these Bavarian heavyweights know how to deliver the goods. Their blend of metal, doom, and rock is on full display in this five-track, 28-minute epic.
The EP kicks off with "Those From The Shadows," setting the tone with ominous, crushing riffs that pull you right in. Next up is "Unwritten Prophecy," featuring the legendary Doug Pearcy from the Bay Area on lead guitar. His solos add a scorching layer to the already intense track. "The Last Mountain" slows things down a bit, adding a melancholic touch with Mila Winkler’s haunting cello performance.
"Call Of Demons" keeps the energy high with its heavy riffs and eerie atmosphere, leading perfectly into the grand finale: a doom-laden cover of Metallica’s "Jump In The Fire." Grand Massive takes this thrash classic and turns it into a slow-burning, colossal anthem that’s both familiar and refreshingly new.
The lineup for this metal juggernaut includes Alex Andronikos on vocals, Peter Wiesenbacher and Jochen Boellath on guitars, Randy M. Salo on bass, and original drummer Holger Stich. With guest contributions from Doug Pearcy and backing vocals by Raff Schporge, this EP is packed with talent and intensity.

Mastered by Andy Claasen at Stage One Studio, "Houses Of The Unholy" sounds phenomenal. The production is top-notch, capturing the full depth and power of Grand Massive’s sound.
"Houses Of The Unholy" is a must-listen. It’s dark, heavy, and absolutely gripping. Grand Massive has once again proven why they’re a force to be reckoned with in the metal world. If you haven’t already, grab a copy, turn up the volume, and let the unholy vibes wash over you.
Order your copy now from MDD Records or Amazon, and make sure to follow Grand Massive on Facebook and Instagram for more updates. Stay metal, my friends!