Grant National - “Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality”


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Grant National Unleashes “Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality” in Stoner Metal Masterpiece

Grant National, the stoner metal powerhouse, has just dropped their latest sonic assault, “Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality.” This double LP, released under Skweeepee Records, is a seismic eruption of raw energy, dark riffs, and guttural vocals that will leave listeners both exhilarated and slightly terrified.
From the opening track, “Daises Swaying in the Breeze,” to the closing anthem, “Shove,” Grant National takes us on a wild ride through a dystopian landscape. Imagine Black Sabbath jamming with The Stooges while riding shotgun in a Mad Max convoy – that’s the vibe of this album. The guitars are downtuned to the depths of hell, the drums pound like a war march, and Gaylord Goldman’s vocals channel ancient spirits.
Grant National’s sound is a melting pot of heavyweights. The Melvins’ sludgy distortion meets Black Sabbath’s occult vibes, sprinkled with the raw power of Sleep. But what sets them apart is their pop sensibility – hooks that stick like barbed wire. It’s as if they’ve taken the best parts of each band and forged a sonic weapon of mass destruction.
Recorded at Hidden Planet Studio by Jan Oberg, “Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality” captures the intensity of Grant National’s live performances. Oberg’s production elevates the chaos, making every riff hit like a sledgehammer. The basslines, courtesy of Detlef Detlefsen, rumble through your chest, while Noralv Dag Sheppert’s drumming is relentless – a primal force that propels the album forward.
The Line-Up
Gaylord Goldman: Guitar, Vocals – A shamanic presence, Goldman’s voice channels both rage and vulnerability.

Detlef Detlefsen: Bass – The anchor, holding the chaos together with thunderous precision.
Noralv Dag Sheppert: Drums – A rhythmic sorcerer, conjuring storms and earthquakes.
“Unprecedented Levels of Violence and Brutality” is Grant National’s magnum opus. It’s an invitation to headbang, mosh, and lose yourself in the madness. Whether you’re a seasoned metalhead or a curious newcomer, this album demands your attention. Brace yourself – the storm is here.